Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wow!  It's been months since I last updated this space.  Work has been sooooooo busy, and between the jobs and taking care of the fam, I just was not able to find the time to blog.  But after watching an episode of "United Stats of America", I realized that I need to find time to do the things I love in order to be more productive.  United Stats of America is a show aired in the History Channel, hosted by twins Randy and Jason Sklar.  The show basically tackles interesting stats in American History.  The Sklar twins are stand-up comedians, so they bring humor to a documentary show, making it fun and educational.

Randy and Jason Sklar (Credits to

Their fourth episode tackled time, how to save time, how to waste time, how to be more/less productive, and even ways on how to extend our life.  They featured a marketing firm called Red Ventures, one of the most successful firms in the US, based in the Fort Mill, SC.  Red Ventures have been voted as one of the best places to work in Charlotte, NC.  They play basketball during work hours, and shoot foam guns during their breaks.  Their reason, breaks of all sorts makes one more productive.  Studies reveal that one cannot concentrate on a task for more than 90 minutes.  You need to take a break after this time period, else productivity drops.  Would you believe that 12 minutes per hour of goofing off actually increases ones productivity by 9 percent?  Crazy, huh?  And happy workers are 50% more productive than unhappy ones!

  The Red Ventures Headquarters (credits to

So basically, what I want to do from hereon is to spend more time in this blog in an attempt to add more to my productivity.  Sounds counterproductive?  Hehehe.  But you now, based on what has been explained above, that it's not.

Oh well, breaktime over.  Need to go back to work.  Till next post.  Ciao! ;)