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X-Factor US 2011: My Favorite Auditions

Looks like I have one more show to add to my favorites list: X-Factor US.  Aside from the fact that I get to see Paula and Simon together again on TV, the talent is just amazing.  I have seen all three episodes so far, and I am just blown away by the talent.  Here are some of my favorites:

Chris Rene

Josh Krajcik

They're both sooo unassuming, despite the talent that they have.  They're both amazing!  I can't wait to watch them perform again in the future shows.  More favorite auditions to be posted soon. ;)



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Grocery Day @ S&R

Earlier today, we went to S&R to do some grocery shopping.  Our little boy just loves this activity because he gets to help put the items inside the cart.  He also likes to help us push the carts. One thing he never forgets to do is grab his favorite stuff off the shelf.  And earlier, when he saw the box of Pringles, he just got so excited that he carried the box all the way to the cart, which was parked about three aisles away.


Sorry for the blurry pic, he just was soo excited, he would not stand still.


Red putting the box on the cart.

When he gets extremely bored, he points to stuff, a lot of stuff.


In this pic, he was pointing to his favorite fruit, the bananas.


Red helping his Lolo pick out some frozen food.


"Mommy, I want cheese, please."

He's barely two but he is really very active inside the store.  But one thing I'm very proud about this boy is when we say no, he listens.  He's like an adult in a toddler's body!  There are times he acts out a bit, but I guess being a toddler gives him the right to throw a tantrum or two sometimes.  Especially when he is hungry, or sleepy.  But he knows that when he does throw a fit, out of the store we go. :)

What have you been up to this weekend?



Eventful Day

Accomplished a lot of things today.  We went to SM Southmall earlier to finally get the replacement Telpad Unit from PLDT.  


This boy is all smiles after seeing the Toy Kingdom poster in the hallway.


On the way to the PLDT Service Center


He wanted to ride the horses, but he's not big enough for them yet.

Service was sooooooo slow, which I don't understand about Customer Service Counters in the Philippines.  How long does it take to get the old unit, check the contents, get the new unit, ready the paperwork, have it signed, and release the unit?  Surely, it would not take an hour.  But for some reason, we spent an hour there even though the Supervisor we spoke to on the phone said that the unit is ready for release.  Haaaaay...  Anyhoo, I'm still happy because we had lunch in Pancake House afterwards, and the chicken dish that I ordered was really, really good.  People who know me well are aware of the fact that good food instantly lifts my mood.  So I was a happy camper after eating.  Too bad I was not able to take any pics. :(


While waiting for Dada and Lolo to get the Telpad.

Before heading home, we went to the Post Office to claim my parcel from Vedette.  


I won the Vedette giveaway that Bestie hosted about three weeks ago, and was I happy with the shapewear that I won.  Thank you, Bestie and Vedette for a wonderful product!  I'm excited to wear it soon. 


Anyhoo, back to work for me. Yes, its a weekend but still need to work.  Just came home from S&R and will blog about that later. Ciao for now!



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Giveaway Alert: Aisa's Big Birthday Giveaway!

If you like following fashion blogs, then Aisa Pax of Drowning Equilibrium is no stranger to you.  She is hosting a fabulous giveaway with great prizes, and very easy mechanics at that.  Head over to her giveaway post to learn how to enter.  But you have to hurry, because today (September 23rd) is the last day to enter.  I joined too, so good luck to the both of us if you decide to enter. ;)

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Newest Addiction

I love to read!  Books, magazines, cereal boxes, flyers, posters, whatever as long as it has text and makes sense, I will read it.  I buy about 3-4 magazines per month and a couple of months ago, I read about a new magazine that ABS-CBN will be publishing from one of the local blogs that I subscribe to.  Maven Magazine is a publication that covers different issues that women face: fashion, sex, relationships, beauty, and several events around the metro.  The articles are well-written, and the layouts are gorgeous!  It keeps me updated with fashion and beauty trends but at the same time, it also provides advice on life issues that are typical of women between 20 to 40 years old, single or married.  

September - October 2011 Issue.  Maricar Reyes on the cover.

This is my second issue, and took me quite a while to get my hands on it.  And this was the last copy on the stand that day.  I missed the first, so I would have to visit the stores to see if I can still grab a copy of that one.  Anyhoo, it costs P120.00 per copy, and I would have to say that it is worth every peso.  

Have you read Maven Magazine?  What do you think about it?




Thrift Haul - 9/21

Had a very short trip to one of of the Ukay shops near our house this morning, and since it was nearing lunch time, I had to be quick.  Though it was quick and short, I am happy with my purchases nonetheless.  

Sheer Polka-Dot top by Wanko. P100

Love love this one!  Polka dots and sheer tops are so hot right now, and this top combines features both!  Plus, it came with an inner white top.  So its like purchasing two tops for the price of one. ;)


Black lace topper. P150.

I adore lace and ribbons, so when I found this one on the racks, I know I just had to buy it.

Detail close up.

Got both tops for only P250!  Though the price is still kinda high for my liking, i think these two tops are worth it.  I'm used to finding some treasures that are worth P30 - P50, so me spending that amount of money for these two just meant that I really fell in love with them.  Off to the laundry they go!!!  Can't wait to wear them soon!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Long Day

Such a long day today, but I'm really glad that I finished the work I needed to submit earlier.  Whew!

Anyway, have you seen the clothes that hit the runway as of yet?  They are fa-bu-lous, right?  I especially love these:

 Lela Rose
 Lela Rose
Tracy Reese

How about you?  Which looks were your favorite? :)


Giveaway Alert: Big&Bad Blog Giveaway

There are 5 Goody Bags to be given away here, and I'm pretty sure that you will find one that you'll like:

For the accessory-addict, you can go for the "A" Goody Bag which would include the following:


1 pair of handmade thread earrings
1 ring (winner needs to give me a ring size)
1 unique feather bangle
1 ring holder
1 necklace (winner needs to give me a color preference)

For those who love beauty products, you may want to choose the "B" Goody Bag:

1 bottle of Victoria's Secret Love Spell
1 surprise lip balm
1 Creamsilk straightening conditioner
1 Vitresse hair product

For the fashionista in you, the "C" Goody bag has the following goodies inside for you:

1 cardigan from Tomato
1 surprise top (winner needs to give me a clothing size)

For the movie fanatic, there's the "D" Goody Bag.  Inside you will find the following goodies:

1 Inception DVD
1 'The Grifters' book (which has been turned into a movie)
1 surprise movie t-shirt (winner needs to give me a clothing size)

And of course, for the book lovers, there's the "E" Goody bag, which would contain:

1 'Paper Towns' book by John Green

So, what are you waiting for?  Head over to the "Wonder Woman Rises" blog for the mechanics.  Good luck!  Thanks, WonderWoman, for the info and the invite! :)

- Gweny


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Want Free Shoes?

One of my favorite bloggers, Vern, is celebrating her Blog Anniversary by giving away a pair of gorgeous shoes from Gold Dot!  If you want to know the mechanics for joining this fab giveaway, head over to her blog and follow the instructions.  Click here to learn more about it.  Good luck! :)