Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Foggy Day

Happy Cloudy Tuesday, everyone!

As some of you may know, me and hubby both work from home.  Our schedules are far from normal, but this gives us the privilege to spend more time with our li'l boy.  We all have days when we feel really lazy, and for most of you, it'd either be a Saturday or a Sunday.  For me, though, its today, Tuesday.  Blame it on a very hectic Monday.  I have a report to submit every Monday, and the procrastinator in me like finishing it the very same day.  So when Tuesday comes, my brain just shuts down.  It's like its telling me its on its day-off.  Oh well.  LOL!

By the way, Newsroom's third episode aired last Sunday and will be watching it in a few.  The story just keeps getting better and better!

And oh, remember the dual-monitor I mentioned in my previous post.  Sadly, one of 'em died on me last night. :(  I'm still gonna ask my brother if this is but temporary and can be fixed, or if hubby and I already need to bury and part with it forever.  *sigh*

Sorry for the rambling, this really happens when my mind needs to be woken up.  Composing something forces it to work and with a dose of coffee, I'll be on work mode in a bit.  Hope Tuesday's going well for you! :)


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