Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Blog Look!

Okay.  So I have changed my blog template again (for the nth time!).  I actually like this one because it is very similar to the template that I am using for my posterous account.  I have been, for the longest time, trying to get back to the blogging arena, but time has not been really my friend lately.  With taking care of the hubby and Red, two jobs, planning to start a new business, and anything and everything in between, I am finding it hard to manage my time and squeeze a little to blog.

Anyhoo, Red is such a cutie and sweetie lately.  He is at that stage where he loves to flash a million dollar smile to those he wants to show it off to, and to shower loads of hugs and kisses to his Mommy and Dada.  And I just have to say that all the exhaustion and stress in the world can be melted by just one kiss and one smile.

Work-wise, I have two projects that I am currently juggling.  And just thinking about it makes me wanna faint.

The whole fam went to 9 Waves last week.  Dad's company was having their annual summer outing, and we went there a day early so that Red can enjoy the pool more.  When we went there last year, Red was only 4 months old, and he really loved "swimming" in the pool.  A year later, he enjoyed it more that he cried so hard when we got him out of the pool.  But we had to stop because his fingertips were already wrinkled and his lips were blue!  It was a joy seeing him enjoy for an hour.  Priceless...  Will post the pics when I find the time.

Anyway, time for me to go back to work.  Until the next post!  Ciao! :)


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