Saturday, May 14, 2011

Closet Cases

There's this show on Lifestyle Network (one of my favorite channels) called "Closet Cases", hosted by Lloyd Boston.  Lloyd is a contributor for the Today's Show, and he is a style expert.  I love his show because it features real, ordinary people with problems in style, caused by either an outdated wardrobe, lack of knowledge in what works for their type of body, or a change in their lives, like marriage, childbirth, loss of or a new job.

At the end of the show, Lloyd presents his "case" (that's what he calls the person who gets the makeover) to his/her family/friends, showing off his/her new look.  Then he shows the "case" his/her new closet: new clothes, new closet layout, and a copy of his book called "Before You Put That On".  Ever since I started watching his show, I have always wanted to buy a copy of that book, but knowing that it's a hardbound book, I was thinking it would cost me more than a thousand pesos.

One day, we went to a nearby mall to do some grocery shopping, and I just had to go by Book Sale, which was near the supermarket.  And look at the lovely treasure I found in the corner:

I had to literally stop myself from screaming inside the small store.  The best part about it?  The price:

*Screaming caught in the throat.


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