Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thrift Haul - 9/21

Had a very short trip to one of of the Ukay shops near our house this morning, and since it was nearing lunch time, I had to be quick.  Though it was quick and short, I am happy with my purchases nonetheless.  

Sheer Polka-Dot top by Wanko. P100

Love love this one!  Polka dots and sheer tops are so hot right now, and this top combines features both!  Plus, it came with an inner white top.  So its like purchasing two tops for the price of one. ;)


Black lace topper. P150.

I adore lace and ribbons, so when I found this one on the racks, I know I just had to buy it.

Detail close up.

Got both tops for only P250!  Though the price is still kinda high for my liking, i think these two tops are worth it.  I'm used to finding some treasures that are worth P30 - P50, so me spending that amount of money for these two just meant that I really fell in love with them.  Off to the laundry they go!!!  Can't wait to wear them soon!


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