Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eventful Day

Accomplished a lot of things today.  We went to SM Southmall earlier to finally get the replacement Telpad Unit from PLDT.  


This boy is all smiles after seeing the Toy Kingdom poster in the hallway.


On the way to the PLDT Service Center


He wanted to ride the horses, but he's not big enough for them yet.

Service was sooooooo slow, which I don't understand about Customer Service Counters in the Philippines.  How long does it take to get the old unit, check the contents, get the new unit, ready the paperwork, have it signed, and release the unit?  Surely, it would not take an hour.  But for some reason, we spent an hour there even though the Supervisor we spoke to on the phone said that the unit is ready for release.  Haaaaay...  Anyhoo, I'm still happy because we had lunch in Pancake House afterwards, and the chicken dish that I ordered was really, really good.  People who know me well are aware of the fact that good food instantly lifts my mood.  So I was a happy camper after eating.  Too bad I was not able to take any pics. :(


While waiting for Dada and Lolo to get the Telpad.

Before heading home, we went to the Post Office to claim my parcel from Vedette.  


I won the Vedette giveaway that Bestie hosted about three weeks ago, and was I happy with the shapewear that I won.  Thank you, Bestie and Vedette for a wonderful product!  I'm excited to wear it soon. 


Anyhoo, back to work for me. Yes, its a weekend but still need to work.  Just came home from S&R and will blog about that later. Ciao for now!




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